office model Di: 008

Office furniture marketing is considered to be ex-ousting online because it’s photo marketing not the products themselves
Here in King office offering you Desks chairs sofas and counters all of this is best quality and low with prices
We also offer after sales technical support services whether for our products or products of other companies this because we have technical support specialist team dealing with any problem in office furniture

black Securiet Office 160cm

available sizes: 120 cm , 140cm , 160 cm , 180 cm , 200 cm

happy to visit us in our office furniture showroom in this address :

79 and 83 Sidi Gaber El-Shaikh , Alexandria , Egypt



    • KingOffice

      حضرتك ممكن تشرفنا في معارضنا 79 و 83 سيدى جابر الشيخ امام سنترال سيدى جابر معارض كينج اوفيس للاثاث المكتبي
      للتواصل يرجى الاتصال علي الارقام التالية :
      01285855539 / 01060490840

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